Effective September 17, 2016, we will retire Phancy's Hair Salon. We have had a successful 17 years serving you and with services and AVEDA products. It has been a decision that we have taken seriously and given great thought.

During the months of August and September we will have a back-to-school and guest appreciation period by reducing prices on all hair, skin, spa body and makeup products while inventories last.

While Phancy's is retiring; Phil, Nancy and Katie will continue to serve their guests in other locations. Anh will retire from her facial services and focus on her full time social work and continued care of her aging parents. Kelsey will move to Austin and begin a new phase in her life.

We appreciate every client, for without YOU, Phancy's would have never become a reality or had the success it has achieved. We appreciate all of our past team members who also contributed to our success: Christina, Yvette, Stephanie, Nora, Lisa, Sara Z, Sara J., Cheryl, Lacey, Hannah, Tiffany, Lauren, Kim C, Kimberly H. Melissa, Jazmin, Raquelle, Ben, Guadalupe, Elizabeth, Amy and Carly.

We are tremendously grateful to the support that we have received over the years from Neill Corp, our distributor and their staff, Salon Biz and to AVEDA for the products, educational opportunities, the vision to positively change our industry and the systems to be successful in business.

It is our hope that you will follow us to our new locations and continue to allow us to serve you.

Sincerely grateful,

Phil, Nancy, Anh, Katie and Kelsey

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